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Forklift Training & Certification

Looking for forklift training in California? Atlas Forklift Training is the place to go! We are a forklift training and certification school that offers a comprehensive certification and hands-on training, as well as job placement assistance! 2 hours OSHA safety training courses are a part of our on-site forklift training courses. We have a program to fit your needs in English & Spanish!.

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Address: 464 S. Pershing Ave,
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464 S. Pershing Ave.
San Bernardino CA 92408
Phone: (909) 888-4088

Business Hours

English Classes: Monday thu Friday Class time: 9am or 10am or 1pm or 3pm your choice. Spanish Classes: Monday thu Friday 11am or 2pm Saturday Classes English: 10am or 12 noon Saturday Spanish Classes 11am