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• If you are a Business Owner:

We offer special programs including Certification Classes at your location.   We offer Certification Classes as part of a two step process of Certification and Authorization. Call or email us for additional information.

• If you need a Job:

We offer an extensive Job Search Report in combination with our regular CAL-OSHA Forklift Operator Certification Class. The Job Search Report is fresh and includes an entire new group of companies each week looking for Certified Forklift Operators.  Call for pricing. Don’t forget, you are getting A+ Accredited OSHA standard certification!

• If you have a Job but need Certification:

We will provide you the same two hour Certification Class. Call for pricing.

* Do not confuse this offer with competitive offers that will not provide the honest and true value we offer in our Job Search Program.  Our Job Search Reports often run ten or eleven pages of job listings.


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“The staff was kind, patient, helpful, and very detailed in their explanations of operating the forklift. Process was simple and straightforward. Very legitimate. So glad I chose to get certified there and would recommend that anyone else goes there too.”

— Andrew Jackson

Atlas Forklift Training and Certification BBB Business Review

Certification Overview and Benefits

Earning a forklift certification is a strategic move in today’s industry, as it not only enhances safety but also expands your employment opportunities.

Understanding Forklift Certification

Forklift training is essential for workers aiming to operate forklifts safely and efficiently. OSHA requires operators to complete this training to adhere to safety standards. An OSHA standard certification signifies that you have undergone proper training to handle forklift operations. This is not just about becoming experienced at the controls; it’s about understanding the nuances of operating in varied environments and conditions.

Atlas Forklift Certification takes it one step further by offering A+ accredited OSHA standard certification. This level of certification is indicative of quality and compliance with the highest safety guidelines in the industry.

Quality Training: Comprehensive understanding of forklift operation

Compliance: Adherence to strict OSHA safety standards

Advantages of Being Forklift Certified

Being forklift certified comes with a host of benefits. Employers often seek out workers who are already certified, seeing the certification as a testament to your dedication and skill.

Job Opportunities: Increases your chances in the forklift job search program.

Safety and Efficiency: A certified forklift operator is more likely to maintain a safe and productive work environment.

Valued Skillset: Forklift certification makes you an attractive candidate during the job search process.

The training also opens pathways to connect with employers who prioritize workplace safety and are in search of competent forklift operators. Additionally, being part of a job search program specifically tailored for certified operators can significantly streamline your job hunt, ensuring you’re matched with employers who understand the value of your certification.

Training and Certification Process

You can achieve your forklift certification through a comprehensive, streamlined program, ensuring that you meet the necessary safety and operational standards. This section will guide you through the certification programs available, the steps for enrollment and course completion, and the specifics of our current half-price promotion.

Atlas Forklift Certification Programs

Atlas Forklift offers modern, standards-compliant certification training suitable for all levels of experience. 

Our programs include:

Sit-Down Forklift Operation: Focuses on traditional forklifts used in various warehouses and industrial settings.

Stand-Up Forklift Operation: Specializes in forklifts used in tighter spaces requiring standing operators.

Pallet Jacks: Covers electric and manual pallet jack operations.

All programs are available in English and Spanish, conducted by safety professionals accredited by agencies such as ANSI and CSA. Upon completion, students receive an Equipment Certificate recognized across California, including San Bernardino, Rialto, and Highland.

Enrollment and Completion

To enroll in the forklift certification training, you can:

Contact our friendly service team to select your preferred program and schedule.

Choose from weekday or Saturday classes.

The certification consists of:

Online Training: A self-paced module that covers theoretical knowledge.

Two-Hour Certification Classes: An instructor-led session that includes hands-on experience.

Once you successfully complete both steps, we will grant you an official Forklift Operator Certificate and authorization, providing you with access to updated job listings.

Pricing and Promotion Details

Our competitive pricing structure ensures affordability without compromising quality. We offer:

Half Price Promotional Certification: A limited-time offer for new certifications.

Volume Discounts: Reduced pricing for multiple certifications for your team.

Repeat Customer incentives for ongoing training needs.

Atlas Forklift is an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), reflecting our commitment to excellent service and high standards.