We offer Classes in English & Spanish

(See Schedule below)

If you are a Business Owner:

We offer special programs including Certification Classes at your location.   We offer Certification Classes as part of a two step process of Certification and Authorization. Call or email us for additional information.

 • If you need a Job:

We offer an extensive Weekly Job Search Report in combination with our regular CAL-OSHA Forklift Operator Certification Class. The Weekly Job Search Report is fresh weekly and includes an entire new group of companies each week looking for Certified Forklift Operators.  Call for pricing. Don't forget, you are getting A+ Accredited OSHA standard certification!

 • If you have a Job but need Certification:

We will provide you the same two hour Certification Class. Call for pricing.

* Do not confuse this offer with competitive offers that will not provide the honest and true value we offer in our Job Search Program.  Our Weekly Job Search Reports often run ten or eleven pages of job listings.