Forklift training & Certification

in San Bernardino​

Atlas Forklift Training and Certification with our Job search program is a Accredited Company with AAA rated Company Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

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Looking for forklift certification training in California? We are the place to go! We are a forklift certification school that offers a comprehensive certification and hands-on training, as well as job placement assistance! 2 hours OSHA safety training courses are a part of our on-site forklift certification courses. We have a program to fit your needs in English & Spanish. Don’t forget you are getting A+ Accredited OSHA standard certification!

Our location

445 S Arrowhead Ave.
Unit C
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Contact info

Phone: (909) 888-4088

business hours

Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

English Classes:
10:30am, 1pm or 3pm

Spanish Classes:
Monday – Friday 11am or 2pm

Saturday Classes English: 10:30am or 12:00pm

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You are getting A+ Accredited OSHA standard certification!

Operating a forklift effectively and safely requires specialized training. If you’re looking to enhance your skills in material handling and increase your job opportunities, obtaining proper certification is crucial. Recognizing the need to elevate worker competencies, the industry has embraced certification programs that not only instill confidence in operators but also play a significant role in minimizing workplace accidents. 

Atlas Forklift Certification stands out by offering a comprehensive program that combines in-depth knowledge with practical, hands-on training.

What makes Atlas Forklift Certification even more attractive is its current promotional offer—half price certification for a limited period. This opportunity lowers the financial barrier for many aspiring forklift operators, making it an ideal time to invest in your career development. Furthermore, the certification comes with job assistance, which can provide a critical edge in the competitive job market. With such benefits at hand, forging a path in the material handling industry has never been more accessible.

Key Takeaways

  1. Proper forklift certification boosts operator confidence and reduces workplace accidents.
  2. Atlas Forklift Certification provides affordable, comprehensive training and job assistance.
  3. A limited-time half-price promotion presents an optimal moment for career investment.