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Welcome to Atlas Forklift Certification, where we take pride in shaping skilled professionals through comprehensive forklift certification and training.  

About Us   

At Atlas Forklift Certification, we commit to providing expert forklift training to help individuals develop the skills they need to operate forklifts safely and efficiently. Our comprehensive certification programs cover all aspects of forklift operation, including safety protocols, equipment maintenance, and operational techniques. With our training, you can become a certified forklift operator and enhance your career opportunities.

Are you a Business Owner? We offer Certification Classes at your location or ours as part of a two-step process of Certification and Authorization. Call for details!

Need a Job? We offer six two hour certification classes each weekday (and three on Saturday) PLUS we provide you with fresh job listings for a limited time. WE TRAIN YOU AND HELP YOU FIND A JOB! How great is that? Don’t forget you are getting A+ Accredited OSHA standard certification!

Have a Job but need Certification? – We have just the program for you.

Each class is two hours long and consists of the following:

• You will watch a video tape and learn the California OSHA safety requirements.

• You will be tested in 25 question written test.

• You will participate in class discussion concerning forklift operation and safety.

• You will watch an actual forklift safety demonstration, to show you again what you have just learned in class.

• You will operate a forklift in a warehouse setting to gain real experience and further anchor what you have just learned by doing.

All students will become certified in accordance with CAL-OSHA requirements found in 29 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) part 1910.178

If you are in San Bernardino, CA, Rialto, CA, Highland, CA or other surrounding areas and tired of looking for a job and not being qualified, Call us and get trained for that forklift job!

Serving San Bernardino, CA & Surrounding Areas.


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“The staff was kind, patient, helpful, and very detailed in their explanations of operating the forklift. Process was simple and straightforward. Very legitimate. So glad I chose to get certified there and would recommend that anyone else goes there too.”

— Andrew Jackson

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